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Data Engineering for Business Intelligence

   first we analyse the existing system then we design the solutions code the solutions test the changes ensure the platform is right for the job implement the storage environment Let picLogia create your BI dashboards for you
Q. What is 'Data Engineering'?

So what is Data Engineering?

That's a good question and more people should be asking it.
    Data, by itself is not information, just like a pile of bricks is not a house.
Yes, information is derived from data, but In order to give meaningful information, data needs to be understood, manipulated, merged, split and generally transformed.
Data Engineering means capturing data, storing it, processing it and transforming it into information and insights to help you spot trends, patterns and opportunities.

    Data that has been transformed thus is said to have been shaped or sculpted and is best held in what is referred to as a Data Warehouse or DW for short.  There is a whole branch of Information Technology dealing with DW and there are many DW types and designs, each suited to particular styles of management and BI requirements.

This is an important skill that we possess, perfected over 40 years of dealing with and processing data in many varied business and IT environments.
    Because we have many years experience working with data and Data Warehousing, we are sure we can help your business to manage and get the best out of the data you hold and use every day.

"Yes, I think it would be useful to have you look at improving how we deal with our data."
Ok, let's talk today about how you can improve our data storage and retrieval techniques. 

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