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Integrating your systems with the Sage product range

   first we analyse the existing system then we design the solutions code the solutions test the changes Integrate with SAGE implement the storage environment Let picLogia create your BI dashboards for you
Q. What is 'Sage Integration'?

So what is Sage Integration?
    SAGE Integration is about linking to and feeding other software provider's data into and out of SAGE, easily.

You may have an IT system or third party package running with no simple means of passing data, such as orders or invoices into Sage.  Or you may be exporting from Sage or Sage Reporting to Excel and then manually working on the Excel workbook and somehow manually feeding this into another piece of software or system.

For this reason, SAGE Integration is sometimes referred to as SAGE Add On or SAGE Link software.

    I'm sure you have often wondered how you could do this simply and automatically.

Perhaps you should talk to us because this is another skill that we possess.

We have successfully provided a solution to this kind of scenario, in particular the automatic loading of Invoices and Credit Notes into Sage from another tailored system.  The same can be done with Orders and Stock Movements, Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing etc.
    We can tailor solutions like this to your exact requirements, streamlining your office proceses and resulting in significant time savings in relation to data entry and the correction of typing errors.

Just speak to us to see if we can help you in this area of systems integration.

"So I think it would be interesting for us to discuss how Sage Integration could improve our IT Systems."
So I think it would be interesting for us to discuss how Sage Integration could improve our IT Systems 

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